How to Design a Magazine Cover

 How to Design a Magazine Cover

Making a decent cover for your magazine involves certain techniques. People buy magazines that come with covers that are attractive. That is why graphic designers take steps to design a magazine cover. This post tells you how to design a decent magazine cover for your audience.

Things to do when making a magazine cover:

  1. Choose an attractive background and photo

The photos you put on your magazine cover say something about the magazine to the audience. Photos occupy most of the space in a magazine cover. Put photos that draw your audience’s attention. It is necessary that you add a photo that has a solid colour or transparent background. Let people recognise the titles and headlines in the background.

2. Typography and placement

Typography is another factor to consider when making a magazine cover. With topography, you make a nice combination of background, text and image. Use typographic hierarchy to make a structure that is readable. You can style the title using a larger font to form a subtitle and so on.

3. Choosing text

You can use colours in a text. This has an effect on the texture of the cover and its tone. Select white and black for smaller text and colours for subtitle text. Brighter colours are more suitable for larger titles. When adding text to the cover of your magazine, make the text comprehensible and do not include complex expressions, since you are making the magazine suitable for your audience. Make the text readable.

4. Selecting a software

Making a magazine cover involves some degree of graphic design. In that case, certain graphic design softwares are applicable. Softwares help you to design in a faster and more efficient.

5. Consider your audience

Who are the readers of this magazine? What would they want to see when they pick your magazine? Your audience is a crucial consideration  when making a magazine cover. What is the niche of your magazine? What is your magazine about? These are the things to consider when making a magazine cover.

6. Choosing size

The size of your magazine determines the size of your magazine cover. Sizes of magazines vary. Ensure that the magazine cover covers the entire part of your magazine.

7. Selecting colours

The colour of your magazine should be attractive. Select colours that get the attention of the users of your magazine. Make the colours shiny. You can combine various colours. Softwares are more efficient way to do this.

The softwares below are suitable for making a magazine cover.

8. Photoshop

Photoshop is a software that you can use to make your magazine cover for your audience. There are various options for you to choose with this software.

9. Corel Draw

This is another software that you can use to make your magazine cover. You can choose from various menus.

10. Adobe Spark

This is another software that you can use to make your magazine cover. With this software you select from various sizes and pick a theme that is in alightment  with your audience. There are many graphics and photos to choose from.