Printing Considerations That You Must Know for Name Cards

 Printing Considerations That You Must Know for Name Cards

A name card printing in Singapore holds great importance as your first introduction to potential clients and associates. Even though it is small, it can be a great marketing tool especially for small businesses. You have to make sure that you design and print your name cards the best way possible so that you can make a name card that looks impressive.

Here are some tips that you can do for name card designing and printing.

1. Consider the Audience

Considering the audience or market is very important. You can’t design a name card for all uses. B2B card should be different from a card that you are using for your consumers. Of course, the design for a name card in the art industry is going to be different from a name card of a lawyer in the legal business. So, it needs to be personalized to the owner of the card and adjusted to the audience or market.

2. Card Information

As you design your name card, ask yourself what information that your name card should contain? Back in the day, your name, job title, company name, physical address, and phone numbers would suffice as the information that should be present on a name card. But now, since the digital world is getting more important, name cards often include the information of the website, email address, social network handle, and many more. But, this could be a problem as more information means less space. Perhaps, you won’t even have enough. So, you have to prioritize the information that is most important and relevant for your audiences. Make sure that the essentials are present, then add the extra information but don’t overdo it. Work your design around the information so that you can be sure that there’s enough space for everything.

3. One Side or Two Sides?

You can design both sides of your name card. In fact, this can be really good too. Although, it is not a must. Some people prefer to leave the back part of a name card blank for taking important notes. But if you do want to design the back of your name card, you can be creative with it and make it a discount coupon, show your tagline and what you over, highlight awards your company has received, special accomplishments, and many more. You can also offer other relevant information and even a call to action sentence that might pique the interest of the recipient of your name card.

4. Don’t Forget Logo

The design of your name card should include a logo of your company for stronger branding, along with your company color scheme as well as typography that correlates to it.  In inserting a logo onto the design of your name card, you have to be careful not to make it overwhelm the overall design. Keep it subtle yet noticeable instead of big and overbearing.

So, have you gotten the gist of how can you make a great name card design? Don’t worry, even if you haven’t gotten the hang of it now, surely you will soon. So, give it a go now and make yourself an outstanding name card for business.